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AESID urges FG to declare State of Emergency in Ebonyi over Effium Killings



AESID urges FG to declare State of Emergency in Ebonyi over Effium Killings

The Association of Ebonyi State Indigenes in Diaspora (AESID) has urged the federal government to declare a state of emergency in Ebonyi State immediately to put an end to the ongoing killings of defenceless people in Effium, a suburb in the state’s Ohaukwu Local Government Area.

According to AESID, another party of hired militia raided an Ezza-dominated village yesterday (Tuesday), shocking wearing fake military uniforms.

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‘About 500 natives of the once-sleepy and peaceful community have lost their lives, with properties worth many millions of naira destroyed in the man-made war allegedly provoked by the Korri natives of the community to wipe out Ezza indigenes,’ the Ebonyi group said.

According to a statement released by the association’s president, Amb Pascal Oluchukwu, and made available to Vanguard on Wednesday in Abuja, a few surviving eyewitnesses recounted from their various hideouts that hired militants stormed an Ezza enclave- Nwekendiagu village in Effium on Thursday last week, killing over 15 people and burning over 200 homes, including a fuel station.

‘It is particularly tragic to note that this attack occurred just a few hours after the state government, through its agents ostensibly meditating to restore peace in the region, had advised residents to gather at a specific location to receive a team of government officials on a peace mission. The residents mistook the masked attackers for soldiers on a peacekeeping mission, but were surprised when they opened fire on them, including women and children, killing dozens of unarmed and defenceless residents, many of whom were of Ezza descent’.

AESID is said to be outraged at the insensitivity of the Chief Security Officer, Engr David Umahi. He has refused to arrest and bring to justice anyone suspected.

In the light of the above, they demand that the Federal Government of Nigeria declare a State of Emergency in Ebonyi State and send professionally-trained team of soldiers of the armed forces to restore peace and order in the troubled region.

“Ezzas are not cowards, and they must not be provoked beyond these recorded cases; otherwise, they will not be held accountable if they take up arms to protect themselves against government-backed forces!”



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Puttick Scholarships for international students



Puttick Scholarships

Puttick Scholarships for international students at Queensland University of Technology, Australia 2022 is good for students’ advantage.


As such, Application portal is now open for international scholarships at Queensland University of Technology. Thus, Puttick scholarships for international are one of them.


As pioneered by The Queensland University of Technology, Australia the institution will be providing a living stipend scholarship of $7,500 per annum for two years. Thus, Students who get to be selected will be paid a huge stipend. Generally, it is around $7,500 per year for a period of two years. You are also required to note that this amount is tax-free for full-time students.

Aims and objectives of Puttick Scholarships


Generally, the aim of this scholarship is to advance students and professionals in the field of virtual production and immersive media. The Puttick Scholarships for Virtual Production and Immersive Media which we are laying down step-by-step guide on how to apply is named in honor of John and Gerri Puttick, because their generous philanthropic support. As such, enables digital dividends supporting the objectives of the Queensland University of Technology School of Creative Practice in research, innovative creative content and production.


And Why should you study at University Queensland University of Technology under Puttick Scholarships?

QUT as the school is briefly called is located in Brisbane, Australia. Also, the school gives you the opportunity to choose from over 100 courses. Thus, the school has a very deep curriculum With a promise that you will flourish and excel in real life work environment and application.

Equally, Studying at Queensland University of Technology will give you an opportunity to partake in World class research studies, in medical and in technological.


Application Deadline for Puttick Scholarships:

31 October 2022.


Eligible Countries:



Scholarship Type Puttick Scholarships:

Master of Philosophy


Number of Awards:

Not Specified


Eligible Field of Studies for Puttick Scholarships:

Firstly, applicants who are going to commence the process for this scholarship should note that:

Generally, the offer is available to only those going to study Master of philosophy. As such it is  in research, creative practice and communication and design offered by the Queensland University of Technology.



After reading through this guide and you want to apply for this scholarship offer, note that:

Firstly, you should meet the entry requirements for a Master of Philosophy at Queensland University of technology.


Also, you must have recently completed an undergraduate degree from QUT in a cognate discipline within the creative industries from either:

  1. On Creative practice (animation)
  2. Or Creative practice (film and screen)

Equally, have an outstanding GPA of 5.0 or above

Also, be able to take up the scholarship and begin full-time study preferably in February 2023. However, you should be ready to start before the end of July 2023

Finally, Demonstrate good capacity and potential for research


How to Apply:

Interested applicants must apply for Queensland University of technology’s research degree.

Applicants who have met all the requirements above must first submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for consideration before heading to apply for this scholarship.

Apply here


Frequently asked questions


Is Queensland University of Technology good for all international students?


The university ranks #176 in global university ranking. This will tell you how Queensland University of technology has been building her reputation in good education, zero tolerance to discrimination, research and quality learning.


What is Queensland University of technology full tuition fees for international students?


Non Domestic students are to pay around $30,000 to 36,000 yearly.

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MO Ibrahim Foundation GDAI Scholarship 2022



MO Ibrahim Foundation GDAI Scholarship

Application for 2022 MO Ibrahim Foundation GDAI Scholarship for Africans – London is current up for you. Definitely, this scholarship will meet your academic needs.


The Well known Center of African Studies offers 1 scholarship to African nationals.  Importantly, this is part of the Popular Governance for Development in Africa Initiative funded by the reputable MO Ibrahim Foundation.


Interestingly, applications from around Africa are invited for PhD studentships focused on the area of state capacities. Also, include Good and quality Governance and bureaucracy for development. with the full purpose of empowering African youths towards understanding what Governance can bring when it is done well.


In addition to the above mentioned, This scholarship is also aimed to include the following: Firstly, projects designed to understand public sector governance capabilities.

Secondly, Hassle free political settlements, inter-state and state business relations.

Thirdly, governance and proper handling of state owned enterprises.

Also, the governance and handling of development policy, design and worthy implementation, and the list goes on.

However, applications should focus more on the public sector/state/civil service, for governance, and for development.


What really is the MO Ibrahim Foundation scholarship?

The Most Ibrahim Foundation briefly Known as (MIF) scholarship for Africa supports to performing students. However, it is applicable on a full-time MBA programme. A yearly scholarship, providing full tuition payments, is awarded to an outstanding African candidate with need to finance their education. This Notable body has provided a good number of awards to many Africans in the past. Generally, this particular scholarship from MO Ibrahim foundation is done yearly, and successful applicants have good testimony of how it has helped them.


Application Deadline:

March 31, 2023

Eligible Countries for MO Ibrahim Foundation GDAI Scholarship:

Africa ( However, candidates have to look-up and understand the scholarship requirements before applying for this offer)





Value of Award:

Full Tuition fee


Number of Awards:

Not Mentioned


Applicants Eligible Field of Studies for MO Ibrahim Foundation GDAI Scholarship

First is Development Studies with focus on governance

Second area is Law

Thirdly, Economics

Also, International Politics/Relations

Equally applicable is CISD Known as (Center for International Studies and Diplomacy)

DEFIMS known as (Department for Financial and Management)

Distance Learning: PhD CEFIMS(Center for Financial and Management), DEFIMS


Eligibility for MO Ibrahim Foundation GDAI Scholarship:

Generally, applicants must be International students from African countries. And it is because this offer is targeted at African students

Applicants must have completed their undergraduate and master’s degree program. Also, are ready to continue their PhD program in the mentioned field of study above.

Applicants must have provable exceptional grades in their past studies.

Applicants are also required to be proficient in English Language


How to apply for MO Ibrahim Foundation GDAI Scholarship:

You can start the process by using the official scholarship application portal


The following Documents are Required for Application:

One copy of the unconditional offer received from SOAS admissions office

CV (please include your working email address)

Provide 2 pages ‘Maximum’ statement outlining knowledge and interest in governance-related issues

Provide your research proposal (and send to the SOAS Admissions Office)

Importantly, one academic reference (and forward to directly by referee to


Frequently asked questions


Who is really MO Ibrahim?


He is a billionaire from Sudan with wealth amounting to around 1.2 billion dollars.


How do I become MO Ibrahim foundation winner?


You first have to apply for this scholarship through the process above. Also, Upload all the necessary documents and you may be selected for an offer.

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Merit Scholarships University of Leicester



Apply for Distance Learning Merit Scholarships  University of Leicester – UK, 2022 under the various applicable courses.

Thus, applicants are welcomed to apply for distance learning merit scholarships  University of Leicester, UK.

The University of Leicester on their usual way of helping aspirants are targeting scholars who are ready to further their studies at the institution. Notwithstanding, the school is welcoming applications for the academic session 2022/2023 as the portal for it has been opened for UK and international students. Generally, this scholarship will offer a discount in the course fee for suitably qualified United Kingdom and international tuition fee paying applicants. This implies that applicants must be sure they are paying school fees already before applying.


Why then should you study under merit Scholarships University of Leicester?

The school is located at Leicester in United Kingdom. University of Leicester is focused on quality research, Technology driven world-changing Business innovation. Studying here will not only open your eyes to better research works and business transformation opportunities, you will connect with the most popular university in UK. 15,290 GBP is a reasonable tuition fees for international students at the University of Leicester.

The awards available are:

Masters (MA): £800

PGDip: £500

PGCert: £300


Application Deadline for Merit Scholarships University of Leicester:

OPEN. But interested candidates should begin applying immediately if they have all the required information and documentation.


Eligible Countries for Merit Scholarships University of Leicester:



Scholarship Type:



Number of Awards:

Not Mentioned




Applicants must make sure they are starting their course in the 2022/23 academic year. (if you are not sure of when your course will start, contact the school or wait for next year quota)

Applicants must be sure their written and spoken English are good enough for them to fully understand the course and class, because that’s how you will benefit from your degree course.

You must already have a United Kingdom recognised first class honors degree or a degree from another country that is equivalent to a UK first class honors degree.


How to Apply:

All Applicants are required to take admission with a MA, PGDip, and PGCert degree at the university of Leicester. However, There is no need to apply separately for this scholarship as one application covers them all.


For you to be considered for this offer, You must make sure you provide the following documents in support of your application:


  • Your Academic qualifications and transcripts from schools you have attended.
  • Personal written statement/research proposal (must be well written to be your full research intentions)
  • Two completed written references (in which one must be academic) OR names and contact information of two people from whom school management and scholarship officials can request references (one should be an academic referee).


Frequently asked questions


And what is Leicester university known for?


The school has been known over the years with their Quality research Works.


Is Leicester university safe for international students?


The school welcomes students from around the world with a guaranteed security and sense of belonging through their all inclusive Academic and social activities.


What is University of Leicester tuition fees for all international students?


International students pay around 15,000 GBP, some students pay less depending on other things.

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