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About Us

IzzyGong is an Online news brand bent on delivering real-time and quality news to its audience. Real-time information, breaking news, newsletters and educative content, which in turn empowers our audience in Nigeria, Africa and the International community at large to better productivity.

Information is power and we deliver it at its best, which is why we are the best at keeping you informed of the happenings around you.

As its slogan says: “the informative town crier”, IzzyGong depicts the traditional way of disseminating information in the traditional Nigerian society using the Gong and through a Town Crier. IzzyGong brings the idea of the traditional way of bringing information to the common man into a typical 21st Century setting. So as not only to keep up with the hands of time but the preserve the culture of the people and its society, even in Newsdelivery and broadcasting.

As a responsible online news medium, Izzy Gong has a team of reporters and editors who are committed to Nigeria, Africa and the World, where everyone is armed with information and knowledge of what is and what is not.

We stand for Clarity, credibility in Information and advocates of true informative power, with zero tolerance to fake news.

For contributions, comments and enquiries, do not fail to contact us using the mediums HERE.