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Singing is actually what everybody can literally do but not everyone has a good singing voice (i.e singing with a good voice). Imagine the obvious difference you will get when Celine Dion and Hillary Clinton sings the same song with their individual voice or the difference when R. Kelly and Donald Trump sings the same song. you can agree with me that the difference in their voice will be very very obvious, not considering their age or gender. The difference is in the quality of their individual singing voice.

The act of singing.

Developing a good singing voice is a very very important task to do if you want to sing well or be a professional Singer and it involves activities and practice. Some of the tips on how to develop a good singing voice are explained below.

(1). Constant intake of water (not Iced):

Drinking plenty of warm water or warm tea (without sugar) is very good for the vocal cords. this is because it helps you to stay hydrated and it also clear out excess mucus from your throat. However when it comes to cold water, the reverse is the case since drinking excessive cold water will tighten and shock your throat too. While drinks like milk, soft drinks and other carbonated drinks are very bad for your voice as the lactose in milk and the sugar in soft or carbonated drinks causes phlegm and mucus to the build up in the throat.

(2). Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Every good Singer have to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle like having good body exercise and good sleep every day (at least 6 to 8 hours daily). This helps the body to stay healthy  and able to generate the required energy to produce good music.

(3). Practice posturing:

Singing involves positioning all your body parts and getting them ready to do the Job. If you slump over, you will have trouble taking the breath you need to sing well, because posture and tension directly affect the muscles.

To practice a good body posturing, you have to stand in front of a full length mirror and notice the way you align your body parts expecially your head, chest, arms, hips, knees, hands and legs. Proper posturing means that you have to sit upright or stand erect with your Both legs about shoulder wigth apart (your feets and your shoulder should be straight aligned), your head should be upright and your chest relaxed.

(4). Breath from your diaphragm:

Breath control is very essential in voice production. Instead of gasping for air with your chest, it is more appropriate to breath from your diaphragm. This requires you to fill the air in your stomach and breathe in from their while your stomach pump’s in and out. Your belly should be expanding as you breath from your diaphragm not your ribs.

(5). Eat food that are good for the voice:

A good Singer or an aspiring Singer should avoid excess fatty and fried foods. Your diet should include protein rich foods, vegetables and vitamins. Fish and chicken should be your best meat option while egg, Apple, Rice and moderate portion of yellow vegetables in an healthy choice.

The food to avoid includes alcohol, fried foods, coffee, salty food, heavily spicy (pepper) food and sodas. This foods should be limited or if possible totally avoided.

(6). Relax your vocal chords:

Relaxing your vocal chords before you start singing is very important because it helps relieves your voice from strain. Strained vocal chords can not hit the high notes comfortably well. To relax your vocal chord, try saying mum......mum......mum in different key and tone instead of the usual do re mi fah soh lah ti doh to warm up your voice, do this for at least 5 minutes before you start singing.

(7). Practice phrasing:

In an ordinary writing, phrase are marked by commas, or other punctuation. But in music, punctuations are always absent from the lyrics. Practicing phrasing is very important in voice production as the best time to breath is between phrases. To do this, you have to look over the lyrics of the song to figure out where the natural pauses or breaks are before you start singing so that you can take your breath at this breaks. This will help you to avoid straining, gasping for breath or running out of air.

(8). Record yourself:

Recording yourself while singing is very important as it let’s you listen to yourself to know if you sound good or irritating. Record and listen to yourself with an open mind, then observe were and how you need to improve.

(9). Sing to a large audience:

Overcoming stage fright is very essential in singing well. Imagine going up that stage to sing but can’t just because of stage fright. Stage fright is capable of making you forget your lyrics, loss your confidence and stamina. With constant singing in the presence of crowed, you can get used to it and the stage fright will gradually disapire. If singing if front of people makes you nervous, try looking at their forehead or over their shoulders.

(10). Listen to criticism:

Try performing in the presence of good singers, musicologist, family and friends, ask for there opinions and be ready and free to learn from there critics and not getting offended by it.

(11). Be persistent and practice:

Talent helps in music, but persistence is more important. Keep on developing your voice production, vocal technique, voice strength, stage performance, and music skills. Just as the saying goes practice makes perfect, keep on practicing and the sky will definitely be your starting point.



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GRE Subject Test program




GRE Subject Test program is one of the major alternatives of English proficiency test which some schools have made a requirement in some country. It is majorly a requirement for admission into most graduate courses in the applicable schools and institution. Obviously, it is one out of many English proficiency test requirement, as such it is also an alternative to other proficiency test examination.


Generally, from past experience individuals under different field write same examination and subjects at the period of conducting the examination. As such your area of study and location does not apply to your subject in GRE Test Examination. Thus, the notable GRE Test program subjects applicable in the examinations are mostly general papers. It includes the following:

  • Analytic writing on a given topic
  • Verbal reasoning and
  • Quantitative Reasoning


As at the time of this article, the cost of GRE TEST starts from $205. However, this may defer from one location to the other. Thus, it is best to determine the cost of registering and writing GRE from your country. It may be costlier from your location but the least is $205.

How long is the GRE Test?

Most universities and institutions which requires GRE test subjects for graduate and doctorate degree studies places time limit. The essence of the time limit is to determine how long your GRE Test Certificate have lasted. As such to show how current you are with the academic activities. It is always for maximum period of five years as an acceptability duration for all GRE Test certificate. After which it may not be used for academic activities again.

How to prepare for GRE test

There is no expressly known ways to get yourself equipped for the GRE subject Test examinations than smart studies. This is however, achievable via reading general related articles and papers on the various areas of the test. As already known the areas includes Analytic writing, verbal reasoning and Quantitative reasoning. It is always in the best interest to get materials in relations to such and get reading. Also, get necessary pdf files on the GRE test Practice, past questions and others. Continuously practice them and remember to keep to time and put yourself in the known examination environment.

Is seeking GRE Test Professionals necessary in preparing for GRE Test

Ideally, seeking the necessary guidance from a GRE Test professional can be of a very necessary starting point.

Who is a GRE Test professional?

Professionals in the area of GRE Test are referred to as expert with knowledge of how best to scale through in GRE Test. They can impact you with their years of experience and knowledge. In return you have the opportunity of asking much questions concerning the GRE test and how pass very well in all the subjects therein.

Duration and time for GRE Test Exams

Generally, the exams are for 3 hours and 45minutes schedule. However, it has three break intervals after each subject. The break of each subject differs, ranging from one-minute break to 10 minutes break after each section of the exam subject.

Who is eligible to write GRE Subject Test

Ordinarily, there is no criteria to apply and write GRE subject Test. It generally, come as a matter of necessities for individuals from different countries needing it for further studies. As such anybody from anywhere can apply and write provided there is one of the centers close to you. Individuals wishing to apply for masters and PhDs in USA, Canada and many other Countries mostly need it. Visit the GRE Test official website to get update on the current GRE Test centers close to your location.

How to Apply for GRE subject Test

To apply for the GRE Test, it is simple and straight.  Kindly visit the official website and fill in the necessary details. Equally, make the necessary payment when you get to that stage. Pick date for your exams and watch same closely for possible change if any. Always check email address for update.





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El-Rufai vows not to pay ransom if Son kidnapped, Prays he makes heaven instead



El-Rufai vows not to pay ransom if Son kidnapped, Prays he makes heaven instead

Governor Nasir El-Rufai vows not to pay ransom if Son kidnapped, or for the release of any kidnapped victim in the state. This comes after a statement from previous interviews where he said categorically that said kidnappers do not deserve to live and should all be wiped out.

El-Rufai said that even though his son is kidnapped, he would not pay a ransom. I’d rather pray for him to go to heaven than pay any ransom, the governor said during a radio interview in Kaduna.

He reiterated that he has cautioned his family members to be cautious to avoid being kidnapped, emphasizing that he had already made it clear to them that he will never pay a ransom for their release if any of them are kidnapped.

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“I mean it, and I will say it again, here. Even if my son is kidnapped, I will rather pray for him to make heaven instead, because I won’t pay any ransom.”

The governor has been under pressures to find and free the abducted students of the Federal College of Forestry and Mechanisation in Kaduna and went on to reiterate that the government is looking at other ways to secure their release.  He did, however, rule out paying the ransom as part of those ways being considered.

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Breaking: Nigerian Activist Yinka Odumakin is dead



Breaking: Nigerian Activist Yinka Odumakin is dead

According to reports reaching Izzygong; Spokesman Afenifere, Human Rights Activist, Nationalist and a true democrat Yinka Odumakin is dead.

While the circumstances of his death are still unknown, a source told Daily Trust that he died as a result of COVID-19 complications.

After the annulment of the June 12, 1993 election, Odumakin was a core member of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), which fought General Sani Abacha’s rule.

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He was also a spokeswoman for the Southern and Middle Belt Leaders’ Forum (SMBLF), an organization that represents ethnic groups from the South-West, South-South, South-East, and Middle Belt.

Odumakin, who is married to another activist, Dr Joe Odumakin, has been a vocal critic of the current administration.

He has repeatedly chastised the Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government for perceived bias and favouritism in the recruitment of officials to different positions.

He was also outspoken in his criticism of killers’ actions in Yorubaland.

He recently cautioned the Federal Government not to arrest Sunday Igboho, who recently gave a quit notice to Fulani herders in Ibarapa, Oyo State, and expelled the Sarkin Fulani in Igangan.

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