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Singing is actually what everybody can literally do but not everyone has a good singing voice (i.e singing with a good voice). Imagine the obvious difference you will get when Celine Dion and Hillary Clinton sings the same song with their individual voice or the difference when R. Kelly and Donald Trump sings the same song. you can agree with me that the difference in their voice will be very very obvious, not considering their age or gender. The difference is in the quality of their individual singing voice.

The act of singing.

Developing a good singing voice is a very very important task to do if you want to sing well or be a professional Singer and it involves activities and practice. Some of the tips on how to develop a good singing voice are explained below.

(1). Constant intake of water (not Iced):

Drinking plenty of warm water or warm tea (without sugar) is very good for the vocal cords. this is because it helps you to stay hydrated and it also clear out excess mucus from your throat. However when it comes to cold water, the reverse is the case since drinking excessive cold water will tighten and shock your throat too. While drinks like milk, soft drinks and other carbonated drinks are very bad for your voice as the lactose in milk and the sugar in soft or carbonated drinks causes phlegm and mucus to the build up in the throat.

(2). Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Every good Singer have to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle like having good body exercise and good sleep every day (at least 6 to 8 hours daily). This helps the body to stay healthy  and able to generate the required energy to produce good music.

(3). Practice posturing:

Singing involves positioning all your body parts and getting them ready to do the Job. If you slump over, you will have trouble taking the breath you need to sing well, because posture and tension directly affect the muscles.

To practice a good body posturing, you have to stand in front of a full length mirror and notice the way you align your body parts expecially your head, chest, arms, hips, knees, hands and legs. Proper posturing means that you have to sit upright or stand erect with your Both legs about shoulder wigth apart (your feets and your shoulder should be straight aligned), your head should be upright and your chest relaxed.

(4). Breath from your diaphragm:

Breath control is very essential in voice production. Instead of gasping for air with your chest, it is more appropriate to breath from your diaphragm. This requires you to fill the air in your stomach and breathe in from their while your stomach pump’s in and out. Your belly should be expanding as you breath from your diaphragm not your ribs.

(5). Eat food that are good for the voice:

A good Singer or an aspiring Singer should avoid excess fatty and fried foods. Your diet should include protein rich foods, vegetables and vitamins. Fish and chicken should be your best meat option while egg, Apple, Rice and moderate portion of yellow vegetables in an healthy choice.

The food to avoid includes alcohol, fried foods, coffee, salty food, heavily spicy (pepper) food and sodas. This foods should be limited or if possible totally avoided.

(6). Relax your vocal chords:

Relaxing your vocal chords before you start singing is very important because it helps relieves your voice from strain. Strained vocal chords can not hit the high notes comfortably well. To relax your vocal chord, try saying mum......mum......mum in different key and tone instead of the usual do re mi fah soh lah ti doh to warm up your voice, do this for at least 5 minutes before you start singing.

(7). Practice phrasing:

In an ordinary writing, phrase are marked by commas, or other punctuation. But in music, punctuations are always absent from the lyrics. Practicing phrasing is very important in voice production as the best time to breath is between phrases. To do this, you have to look over the lyrics of the song to figure out where the natural pauses or breaks are before you start singing so that you can take your breath at this breaks. This will help you to avoid straining, gasping for breath or running out of air.

(8). Record yourself:

Recording yourself while singing is very important as it let’s you listen to yourself to know if you sound good or irritating. Record and listen to yourself with an open mind, then observe were and how you need to improve.

(9). Sing to a large audience:

Overcoming stage fright is very essential in singing well. Imagine going up that stage to sing but can’t just because of stage fright. Stage fright is capable of making you forget your lyrics, loss your confidence and stamina. With constant singing in the presence of crowed, you can get used to it and the stage fright will gradually disapire. If singing if front of people makes you nervous, try looking at their forehead or over their shoulders.

(10). Listen to criticism:

Try performing in the presence of good singers, musicologist, family and friends, ask for there opinions and be ready and free to learn from there critics and not getting offended by it.

(11). Be persistent and practice:

Talent helps in music, but persistence is more important. Keep on developing your voice production, vocal technique, voice strength, stage performance, and music skills. Just as the saying goes practice makes perfect, keep on practicing and the sky will definitely be your starting point.



Local scholarships

IPOB expresses concern over killing of Biafrans in Akwa Ibom and Benue



IPOB expresses concern over killing of Biafrans in Akwa Ibom and Benue

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) alleged on Friday the secret killing of its supporters and innocent people in Akwa Ibom State’s Essien Udim Local Government Area and some part of Benue State.

The group’s spokesman, Emma Powerful, alleged that the military has been terrorizing IPOB supporters in Akwa Ibom and lower Benue.

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“How would a responsible military use helicopter gunboat and military aircraft against regular citizens?” he wondered. Boko Haram, Miyetti Allah, and other terrorist organizations have been targeting soldiers and police in the North East and North West without soldiers using lethal force on nearby civilian villages or using military planes to terrorize ordinary citizens.”

He promised that the relentless attacks would not deter IPOB’s determination to seek independence.

In a report by The Nation, he was quoted thus; “We are not going back, not one inch until Biafra is fully restored. All those behind these genocidal attacks against innocent Biafrans know that vengeance is coming. They will all pay individually and collectively for their atrocities against civilians sooner rather than later,”.

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Miyetti Allah to FG, 400 grazing reserves adequate to accommodate herders in Northern Nigeria



Miyetti Allah to FG, 400 grazing reserves adequate to accommodate herders in Northern Nigeria

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), speaking against the backdrop of the herders’ crisis in Nigeria, has stated that the 400 grazing reserves in the country’s northern region are adequate to satisfy all herders.

While briefing the leadership of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) at their headquarters in Kaduna State on Thursday, Baba Usman Ngelzerma, National Secretary of the association, asked the forum to place pressure on the federal and state governments to use the country’s abandoned grazing reserves, especially in the North.

According to him, there are 400 grazing reserves in the north and more in the south, specifically in Oyo, Ogun, and Lagos State. He went on to say that the time has come for the herders to avoid travelling from one location to the next.

Although calling for these concerns to be resolved, he made it clear that the subject of herders is a national one that must be addressed holistically.”

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“The government should ensure that herders are settled in grazing reserves in order to prevent the current condition in which they are dispersed across the region. This is the root of the current crisis.

“In the grazing reserves, these herders should be supplied with the requisite educational, health, and other facilities. When their standing increases, so will their economic potential and the country’s productivity. The operation of the grazing reserves should be completed as soon as possible.”

According to the secretary-general’s figures,  Lagos State alone consumes 6,000 cows a day, with 250 lorries of cows entering the southern part of the country on a regular basis. According to MACBAN, the 400 grazing reserves in the northern states should be better used and established. He continues that once the grazing lands are utilised, half of the problems will be solved.

He also said that the pastoralists’ lack of education is being abused, warning that unless herders and pastoralists are brought together in grazing reserves, the nation’s long-desired stability could be elusive.

He bemoaned the loss of over four million cows by Fulani pastoralists since the country’s crisis began.

Following receipt of the paper, ACF chairman, Chief Audu Ogbe, stated that members of the forum would review the presentation before making a decision. In a communique issued at the conclusion of the meeting on Thursday, ACF stated that mediation and consultation with other parts of the world remain the only way to restore peace in the country.

The forum denounced the actions of terrorists, kidnappers, and robbers in the North in a communiqué published and read by the forum’s national publicity secretary, Emmanuel Yawe, saying that their acts are killing the stability and development for which the North was known while the region’s founders were in control. The forum has condemned the words of some actors and leaders who have tried to incite political, cultural, and religious passions in the midst of the country’s current crisis.

To that end, it urged Nigerian politicians to show caution in their public statements in light of the current situation. It also expressed regret that abducted students from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation are still being held captive, and that the Kaduna State government has done nothing to secure their release.

“We, the ACF, condemn all lawless acts of self-help and urge all northern youths to put an end to such evil plans. They do not have our backing. The ACF believes in dialogue and consultation as a means of restoring stability and normalcy to our troubled region and nation,” according to the communique.

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 EFCC and Military Police works together to fight corruption



 EFCC and Military Police works together to fight corruption

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has offered its assistance to the Nigerian Army Corps of Military Police in order to ensure an effective operation in the battle against corruption. The move was made imminent yesterday, as  EFCC and Military Police works together to fight corruption.

This was the outcome of a visit by the Army’s Provost Marshal, Brigadier-General OL Olayinka, to the EFCC’s headquarters on Wednesday.

General Olayinka, who was welcomed by the Director of Operations, Abdulkarim Chukkol, on behalf of the Executive Chairman, Abdulrasheed Bawa, stated that he was in EFCC to present his team and congratulate the Executive Chairman on his appointment.

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He praised the EFCC’s collaboration with the Nigeria Army Corps of Military Police, noting that the Corps has benefited from the Commission’s assistance over the years, especially in the area of forensic analysis. “We planned to set up our own forensic laboratory, but we haven’t done so yet. Since we also deal with financial crimes, we continue to rely on your forensic laboratory for analysis.”

“We are here to thank you for your years of support and cooperation. “No one can do it alone,” he said.

General Olayinka urged the two organizations to strengthen their current partnership.

In his response, Chukkol emphasized the similarities between the EFCC’s and the Military Police’s work and assured the Corps of increased support. “We are going to work together to strengthen the partnership,” he says.

“The job you do is close to what we do… “We are available and eager to collaborate,” he said.

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