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DAAD-STIBET Scholarship



DAAD-STIBET Scholarship

One of the most sought after scholarship in Germany is DAAD-STIBET Scholarship. It provide majority of your need as a full fund scholarship program. The offer is open to students at Dresden University of Technology, Germany.

Why is it one of the most sought after scholarship in Germany?

The reasons are not far from the fact that it provides quality support for it beneficiaries with discrimination. Also, it is on merit concern as per applicants qualifications and need for financial support.

Applicability of DAAD-STIBET Scholarship to international students

Thus, applications are currently open for international students for the scholarship program. Most importantly, the grant is under the sponsorship of DAAD (German Educational Exchange Service and STIBET). They are the organization responsible for the payment of the grant money for individuals enjoying the offer. It is now more elaborate, as it currently accommodates international students under the grant.  As such, international students from all fields of study under DAAD scholarship grant are free to send in application for review.

What is the period of DAAD-STIBET Scholarship?

German Educational Exchange Service and STIBET took upon itself to train several individuals under subsidize and free educational platform in Germany.  DAAD grants are for the period of study at the Dresden university of technology; Germany.

However, it is competitive and mostly for exceptional students with great academic standard and performance. International students due to high cost of things generally, may need to proceed with higher educational program in Germany on Scholarship. As such, the most obvious opportunity is to apply for DAAD and STIBET Program and get related grants or scholarships.

Levels of DAAD-STIBET Scholarship

DAAD Scholarship is for undergraduate students or students under any four year certification at the institution. Also, it accommodates Master Degree and Phd students willing to study in Germany at the host institution.

Germany has a wide scope of top-positioned colleges for research and showing projects. Thus,  Dresden University of Technology (TUD) is one of them and offering a wide scope of various disciplines, courses and  programs. It can be in areas of diploma, bachelor, master and Phd programmes with offers for scholarships.

Acceptable Programs at TUD Germany

Candidates can apply for one of the various courses or programs currently available at Dresden University of Technology. As such can apply and enjoy DAAD and STIBET Scholarship program, Major areas for any session in any of the areas underneath:

  • Firstly, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Secondly, Civil Engineering
  • Thirdly, Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Also, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Importantly, Medical Studies
  • Teachers Training

What are the Grant Advantages of DAAD-STIBET SCHOLARSHIP?

DAAD-STIBET Scholarship beneficiaries will get some or all of the following:

Despite the fact that, it is a free training in Germany this Scholarship program in Germany DAAD-STIBET will give 300 Euros for each month as a living stipend. This is a great relief on the part of beneficiaries not minding. It will surely take care of certain expenses with much stress.

What are the Grant Eligibility or Criteria?

To be due for DAAD-STIBET Scholarship, candidates will need to satisfy the following necessities.

  • Candidates applying need to be international student (outside of Germany) willing to study in host institution
  • The individuals who need to join up with the full degree program ought to have the degree as following with great scholarly record (at any rate 75% or 2.7 C.G.P.A)
  • As regards the case of Master degree, 16 years or proportionate to the German Universities training
  • In case of bachelor degree, 12 years or proportionate to the German colleges training prerequisite
  • General in case of diploma, minimum of secondary school training (12 years) is enough to gain access
  • Students from abroad are likewise due for the grant one or two semester without discrimination of any such your evidence of qualification
  • Also, Students and applicants  ought to be in acceptable physical and clinical wellbeing

Language Requirement:

Students will present any confirmation of English language (IELTS or TOFEL) if their past degree or vehicle of the organization was not in English.

Documents pre-requisite

  1. Application Form
  2. CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  3. Educational  Documents (Results cards/transcript/DMC… and so forth)
  4. Affirmation of the assessment office (expressing the accomplished acknowledges just as the general normal evaluation)
  5. Language Proof (IELTS, TOFEL, Proficiency authentication)
  6. Student’s Visa
  7. Other documents (assuming any)


Upon careful reading the criteria and meeting the requirements candidates are urged to apply for DAAD Scholarship and STIBET Scholarship Program. Also, It is for individuals with interest to study at Dresden University of Technology in Germany by following the given procedures:

First procedure

It would be ideal if you download the application structure by tapping the connection underneath and fill it in like manner.

Second procedure  

Send your properly filled application forms alongside the necessary documents to the proper location.

Apply here by visit the official portal and school website for other necessary details. Application is free and fee.



Scholarships watch

International Student Scholarships at University of the Sunshine Coast



Scholarships at University of the Sunshine Coast

Yearly edition of International Student Scholarships at University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia is currently open.


Thus, Students from international countries can now apply for scholarships at the University of the Sunshine coast.


Generally, the International Student Scholarship is available to only international students. The students can be either from Nigeria, India, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.   Also, candidates around the world are free and suitable to apply for this session commencing in 2023. It will equally be applicable across all USC Queensland campuses.


What are the likely benefits for these scholarships?

The selected candidates will receive 15% deduction in the tuition fees they are supposed to pay. However, this 15% tuition fee reduction applies only to the officially scheduled and published tuition fees for the chosen relevant program and study period. For you to learn more information about this offer, including terms and conditions, make sure you contact the International Office or your preferred UniSC agent.


Why should you even study at the University of the Sunshine Coast?

Generally, University of the Sunshine Coast is one of the prominent institutions in hippy down with campuses in many parts of Australia. The School was founded in 1994 to become the first campus in sunshine coast to advance quality learning. As such, with its 1000 to 1200 world ranking, it has done well to be on steady growth over the years.

Equally, it is notable that their main research focuses on regional development and sustainability. Thus, winning $2m in 2008 shows how good they are in research work and notable areas in consideration for studies.


Application Deadline:



Eligible Countries:



Scholarship Type:



Value of Award:

15% tuition fee


Number of Awards:

Not Mentioned



Notably, applicants must not be nationals but overseas citizens.

Also, applicants should enroll in an undergraduate degree to be eligible for this scholarship award.

Equally, all applicants must be at least 18 years old when the program commences at the university.

Finally, applicants must also be ready to demonstrate their English language proficiency through one of the university’s requirements.  As such this is a very important requirement and can be found in the school portal.



How to Apply:

Generally, the first step here is to get your documents steps after reading through this procedure.

Once you have compiled all your documents and are ready to submit your application, you can head over to the International Application Portal that has the listed. If you are completing applications via a registered UniSC agent, those agents will then submit an application on their behalf. For better information, including conditions and terms, inform the International Office or your preferred and trusted UniSC agent.


Frequently asked questions


Is the University of the Sunshine Coast even good for international students?


International students from around the world are getting admitted into the school with good academics qualification.


What is the Tuition for University of the sunshine coast for international?


Tuition fee for all international students is pegged around AUD54,000. However, People with scholarship offers are to pay less as others can be taken care of from the scholarship.


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International Scholarship at King’s College London



Scholarship at King’s College London

Send in your Application for 2022 Perseverance Trust International Scholarship at King’s College London – UK.

Eligible Students around the world can now apply for the famous perseverance trust scholarship


The approved field of study are Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative Care at King’s College London which the officials are happy to announce the offer of a number of King’s scholarships to its BSc Nursing or Midwifery with complimentary registration of 3 year degree students.


The scholarships mentioned above are well established by great individuals through a generous donation from The Perseverance Trust and are solemnly based on both financial circumstances and academic standing of students, and can be used to fund all living expenses during the full length of the programme.


Why should you then study at King’s College London?

Aside from being an old college founded in the year 1829, The school is ranked on the top 10th of the best colleges in the whole of the UK.

King’s college London will give you a wonderful study experience coupled with open research opportunities.


Application Deadline:

On 5pm on Friday 7 Oct 2022


Eligible Countries:

All eligible International students who aspire to learn at King’s college London are free to apply for this offer. However, the selection process will be based on merit, and academic standing.


Value of Award:



Number of Awards:

Not yet Mentioned


Eligible Field of Studies:


  • Applicants must be going for Nursing with Registration as an Adult Nurse BSc. Before applying for this offer
  • Applicants must be going for Nursing with Registration as a Children’s Nurse BSc. Before applying for this offer
  • Applicants must be going for Nursing with Registration as a Mental Health Nurse BSc. Before applying for this offer
  • Other fields are not eligible for this offer unless the scholarship body decides to include them to participate in this offer.



For you to be eligible to apply, you are required to:


  • Applicants must have exceeded their UCAS offer;
  • Applicants must provide a clear written statement of 300-500 words;
  • be a full-time, home, first degree student starting in Sept 2022;
  • Applicants must have a household income of £25,000 or less; (applicants with lesser income can as well apply)
  • Applicants should be in receipt of occupational health and Disclosure & Barring Service known as (DBS) clearance by 31st October 2021.


How to Apply for Scholarship at King’s College London :

You are required to Complete the application form and email your well documented supporting statement and evidence to the Student Funding Office.


Applicants must also be ready to supply documentary evidence of your financial circumstances which must include your earnings, net worth and properties if any with your application as well as a personal statement of account. Note that If you fail to supply the above mentioned statements, Be expecting that your application will not be considered but be kept aside.


Frequently asked questions about Scholarship at King’s College London


And who can apply for perseverance trust international scholarship?


The article above elaborated all the things you must meet-up to before applying. However, also note that this offer is available to only adults, children, mental nursing students.


Is King’s college London nice for international students?


King’s college is proudly ranked on the top 10th best institution in the UK by QS world ranking metrics. King’s college is with open arms ready to welcome students from around the world.

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Steps to Apply for Fry Scholarship



Fry Scholarship

Fry Scholarship: Everything You Need To Know


If you’re considering applying to the Fry Scholarship, you’re not alone. In recent years, increasing numbers of scholarship applicants are vying for the limited number of awards offered by this prestigious award.


What is the good news?  Even though you have to work hard to apply to and win the Fry Scholarship. However, it’s not far from impossible.


If you want to get your hands on one of these valuable awards, here’s everything you need to know about how to apply and win the Scholarship.


What Is The  Scholarship is about?

The Fry Scholarship is awarded to the children of military service members who died in the line of duty after September 11, 2001.


The scholarship covers up to four years of undergraduate or two years of graduate study. Also, can be used at any accredited public or private college or university in the United States.


Eligible recipients may use the scholarship for degree programs that were not pursued by their parents, such as engineering or nursing.


Applicants must also meet certain academic standards. Thus, as set by the individual institution in order to maintain eligibility for the award.


Who Can Apply?


The program is created by the legislation champion, state Illinois senator Richard J. Fry and the scholarship is named after him. To apply you will need:


  • Firstly, be enrolled as an undergraduate at an eligible public university in Illinois


  • Secondly, be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident


  • Thirdly, Maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by their school’s policy


  • Also, Demonstrate leadership qualities and extracurricular involvement


To apply visit their official website here,

What can I study?

This particular Scholarship is a great way to finance your education. It can be used for undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as career and technical training.


Also, it can be used for study abroad and distance learning programs. So no matter what you want to study, the Fry Scholarship can help you reach your goals.

Who Qualify For The Fry Scholarship

The Fry Scholarship is available to the spouses and children of service members who died in the line of duty on or after September 11, 2001.


If you are a spouse, you must have been married to the service member for at least one year at the time of their death. They require ages 18 and 26.


The Fry Scholarship pays for tuition, fees, books, and room and board up to the maximum amount allowed by law.


Can I Renew my scholarship?

Scholarships are typically renewable, meaning you can receive the same amount of money for multiple years of college.


However, the above discuss  Scholarship is a little different. This scholarship is only available for your first four years of undergraduate study.


So if you’re planning on attending school for more than four years, you’ll need to find other sources of financial aid.


Is The Fry Scholarship The Same As Post-9/11 GI Bill

No, the Fry Scholarship is not the same as the Post-9/11 GI Bill. The Fry Scholarship is for the children of service members who died in the line of duty on or after September 11, 2001.


The Post-9/11 GI Bill is for service members who served at least 90 days on active duty after September 10, 2001.


Fry Scholarship Benefits

The Fry Scholarship provides up to $5,000 per academic year for eligible undergraduate and graduate students..


Additionally, the Scholarship provides a stipend for living expenses and housing. For example, If you applied to a school (which is in a major city), you will be  given an estimate of what housing would cost you as well as your feeding every month.


The scholarship will be able to cover those costs so that you don’t have to worry about them.


It also comes with a work-study program in which you can get on campus jobs that help you cover your living expenses while going to school.


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