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Girls up scholarship fund



up scholarship fund
Girls up scholarship fund

Girls up scholarship fund are a program with the aim of providing female genders reasonable school funding. It funding is on the basis of partnership and donors with interest in girl’s child education. It is an international scholarship grant. Equally, it is open to students around the world willing and eligible to take up the offer upon submitting the necessary application to the appropriate authority.

What is the target of Girls up Scholarship?

Generally, the primary target of Girls up scholarship is to bring up and undertake tuition fees for young girls. Most young girls are currently out of school due to lack of sponsorship and finance. This is not peculiar to any part of the world but rather a general phenomenal. However, this is commonly seen among the Africans as the number of girl child school dropout is on the high side and issue of major concern.

Period of Girls Up scholarship application

If you are seeking to apply for the grant to complete your higher education, you need to show interest by constantly checking application portal. Applications normally open during the spring session for interested individuals to send in their application. Thus, apply during the spring academic session as applicable in the academic calendar.

Girls up Scholarship eligibility check

This section tends to answers the question who can apply and enjoy the grant?

  •  Firstly, eligibility is open to female students all over the world as there is no special consideration for any ethnic group or nation.
  • Secondly, it is important to apply as a member of Girls up from any part of the world, as this is a major requirement. Therefore, any applicant must register as member of girls up scholarship to access the scholarship.
  • Also, should be a current student in any of the following: 2 years course, 4 years course or technical college student.
  • Equally, student in graduating class in high school are also eligible to apply. This is dependent on your country’s educational system and procedure for gaining admission into the higher institution.

Other Girls Up scholarship areas

The grant is not limited only to former education as informal learning is also incorporated. Some other applicable areas include:

  • Sports and Medicine field
  • Athletic training institute
  • People associated with sports administration and management
  • Individuals into Kinesiology
  • Also, people into pre-physical therapy and
  • People using sport to make positive changes in the community

Payment and Application of Girls up Scholarship Fund

Successful applicants receive direct payment to their various institutions of learning in different countries of the world. Every payment is applicable for setting off the tuition fee of the student.

Host institutions

Generally, there is no particular host institution of Girls up scholarship. That is to say, Individuals from different parts of the world studying in various higher institution of learning is eligible to apply. Thus, every recognized institution of learning in the world is one of the host institutions for girls up scholarship.


To check other details, kindly visit the organization website to register as a member and apply for the grant.




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Samsung American legion Scholarship



American legion Scholarship

The Samsung Company, producers of various types of electronic all over the word are in collaboration with the American legion for conduct and administration of the famous Samsung American legion Scholarship.  Generally, Samsung American legion scholarships spend over $5 millions in various categories of scholarships award. This is a way of given back to the American citizens for the role some notable individuals played during communist struggle in Korea.

Categories of Samsung American legion Scholarship

Also, this is a high school major target scholarships. It is with the aim of sponsoring certain number of students in either their junior or senior school program. However, any applicant as at the time of application must be attending either one of the following high schools at the point of application:

This is of two categories according the two, according to male and female gender’s schools below.

  1. The popular American legion Boys state programmes alternatively,
  2. American Auxiliary Girls state programme.

Categories of Applicants for Samsung American legion Scholarship

The grant aims at achieving certain purpose considering some categories of individuals. There is restrictions to people who can apply as it is not open to all and sundry citizens of USA. It applies to :

  • Individuals who are descendants of Korea by incident of war in past years
  • Relations of various categories of USA military with record of active service for minimum of one year or more in military work.

Samsung American legion Scholarship application window

Generally, the period for the application normally open every 1st day of February yearly.  Importantly, at the point of application and reviewing your application before submission ensure the following:

  •  All the necessary documents are made available to the awarding organization in order of need and use.
  •  Review your details and spellings before clicking submit button to ensure same is order

Also, send in your Samsung American legion Scholarship application before the 1st day of any of the American Legion Boys State program starting date. Alternatively, before the starting date of American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program. Each depends on the individual’s gender or place of study.

Can I make changes to my Samsung American legion Scholarship after close of application period?

The importance of reviewing your application before submission is to ensure it is correct. Also, upon submission and close of application window period applicants will not be able make necessary reviews and changes online. As such, it is very vital and good to check over time before submission to avoid errors.

 award and application

Generally, the scholarship amount is for major academic expenses. It can be for things like books, tuition, accommodations and even undergraduate studies where applicable. Thus, there is no much restrictions to a particular academic expenses as means of utilizing the award amount.

Award selection criteria for Samsung American legion Scholarship

Generally, upon application for any form of grant it is very important to know the selection criteria. This will help increase your chances and avoid certain mistakes. Here are some known selection criteria for this famous grant.

  • Firstly, it is on sound academic records with proves and evidence to that effect.
  • Secondly, applicants track records of school community participation with aims of improving the school.
  • Thirdly, evidence of each applicant’s participation or involvement in community services in order to improve service to humanity.

 Categories of the American legion scholarship under Samsung Company

Firstly, the Ten National Student’s category receives $10,000 each with certain number from every region.

Also, there is a category known as the Ten National Runner-up, are entitled to $5,000 each and base on regional selections.

There is also, the category referred to as Remaining Department Finalist is to receive $1,250 each upon the award.

Application Procedure

Generally, it is important to identify either American Legion Boys State or American Legion Auxiliary Girls State close to you. Know their period of program and apply for this scholarship grant. Apply on the official portal here.




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Legion Baseball Scholarship



Legion Baseball Scholarship

One of the major categories of American Legion Scholarships is the American Legion Baseball Scholarship. Wow, are one of the Baseball lover and player finding it tough to further your educational career after the high school. There is hope for you under the American Legion Baseball Scholarship grant.

How American Legion Baseball Scholarship does operates

Generally, the Baseball Department selects certain number of players yearly for the scholarship award. However, it is majorly for applicants from high school who players of Baseball with exceptional and appealing performance. As a means of encouragement the committee in charge of the scholarship spends over $22,000 as an award to the worthy students. It is now a yearly activity to promote more interest in the play of base baseball within the USA citizens and students.

Applicability of American Legion Baseball Scholarship

The scholarship offer is open majorly for high school students and graduate. It is applicable in various fields of endeavors of interest by the applicant. However, winners of the American Legion Baseball Scholarship are under required to apply the award amount in the studies within certain period of time. It gives enough time that individual winners can apply for admission in the higher institution. Generally, the applicability is for a period of 8 years from the period of graduation from high school. Implicitly, after 8 years of graduation winners will not be able to use the award to further their education in the higher institution.

Various categories of American Legion Baseball Scholarship and award amount

Generally, Baseball scholarships are in different groups and categories. The amount for each award varies too according the price tag. As such, all grants fall under any of the following below:

First is known as Department base scholarship

Under this grant various winners will receive certain amount of money for the future academic career. The amount due for each winner is $500.  Winners under this heading will equally qualify for other scholarship known as American Legion All Academic team. This additional privilege is an award under diamond sport sponsorship with a yearly payment of the award price.

Selection categories

This applies to certain number individuals purely on selection criteria. The selection is always the responsibility of the  scholarship committee.

Where are the beneficiaries under this category selected?

Generally, the 8 players which enjoy this grant are selected from the American Legion World series. Each person is basically according to the individual performance at series.

Award amount for selection categories

Every beneficiary under this head of grant will receive from the awarding organization the sum of $2,500.

Application procedure

According the various categories some of the scholarships mostly need an individual to participate in Baseball competition. However, some others you need to apply through the committee and stand the chances of winning the available grants. Also, check the award criteria for each and decide which one you have most chances of winning. Doing this will increase more chances for you and encourage working hard in some other areas to be outstanding in various competitions. Apply here on official portal of the organization




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FAFSA grants and scholarships



FAFSA grants and scholarships

The nature of FAFSA grants and scholarships are necessary to determine its time limit and deadline. Therefore, pursuing your academic dreams, filling and applying this Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is of utmost importance.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid is an application form for both freshmen students and continuing students.  Normally, it is open for the prospective college students and also, undergraduate students of United States. Also, eligible are non-citizens from other nation who are permanent resident with official government approved permit in United State. It aims at helping students of different income levels with necessary grants, loans and scholarships according to each students need and qualification.

Host and Sources of FAFSA Grant or Scholarship

The polling of this Government resources is to enable the students achieve their voracious academic dreams. Thus, as such there are many grants from different states in United State for colleges under this platform. All aims to aid the students’ success in college. It is pointed at unlocking many finance grants and scholarships to young students for both college and undergraduate studies within the United States of America.

What are the various grants available Under FAFSA?

Generally, the grants are in different categories, with different eligibility criteria. Some student may qualify for one or more grants, therefore it is important to go through the various criteria for the grant to stand out among others.

Importantly, the grant that you meet the criteria may differ from one college to another. As such it is necessary to make necessary enquiry upon application from the appropriate school department

FAFSA grants and scholarships deadline

As an applicant applying for FAFSA grants and scholarships it is important to note some vital things. Some of the necessary things to note is the application deadline for each year. This ought to be your priority and ensure submission of your application before the deadline given to the date of application.

Thus, the fact remains that under this grants and scholarships late application may not be given attention. Also, the offer is known to be purely on merit and consideration to first come first serve criteria of all necessary applicants.

Importance of knowing the Application Deadline

Thus, considering the various grants it is equally crucial to know the FAFSA grants and scholarships deadline for your state. Also, reaching out to the colleges interest under this application is very important as such may reveal some information necessary for the application. The FAFSA grants and scholarships application form will opens according USA academic calendars and session.

FAFSA grants and scholarships application procedures

The application procedures are simple if you follow the guide line and procedures of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is as below:

Aspirants of Free Application for Federal Student Aid are to apply when the grant is open for the academic calendar and session.

Upon filling the necessary details and submission, kindly wait for processing by the United States Department of Education between 3-5 working days.

The United States department of education will generate Student Aid Report (SAR) for each eligible student applicant for every academic session.

Applicants are to fill accurate information including colleges of their choice as this will help to determine their eligibility for federal and state aid grants.

Also, every eligible applicant stands the chances of being assessed for state grant of his or her state. This also is upon submission of application for the grant at the appropriate place.

After submitting FAFSA form, applicants importantly need to join the College Board Scholarship platform and program.

Importance of joining the college Board Scholarship Platform

Generally, for time to time update on status of students applications and other necessary information.

After joining the College Board Scholarship platform, ensure to proceed to my Action plan and click on complete scholarship card.

Then Proceed to click confirm on the FAFSA scholarship card.

FAFSA grants and scholarships requirements

Applicant’s Social Security Number

Also, Aspirant’s Alien Registration number (for eligible non- U.S. citizen)

Equally, Aspirant’s federal income tax returns and W-2s .

Aspirant’s other records of money earned.

Applicant’s Bank statements and records of investments (where needed)

Applicant’s Records of untaxed income (where needed)

Aspirant FSA ID to sign FAFSA form electronically.

FAFSA grants and scholarships eligibility criteria

  • To be considered for FAFSA grants and scholarships which is yearly event aspirant are required to meet the following criteria:
  • Applicants can be USA citizens or eligible non-citizen of the United States as at the time of filling the application form.
  • Aspirants to show evidence of a valid Social Security Number with exceptions for Students from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of Palau.
  • Applicant must be a graduate of high school with diploma or a General Education Development (GED) certificate,
  • Alternatively must have completed homeschooling for those in GED category.
  • Applicants must be currently in an eligible program as a regular prospective student seeking a degree or certificate.
  • Aspirants to show evidences of convincing and satisfactory academic performances in previous academic records.
  • Also, Must not have any form of default in any federal student grant or federal student loan.
  • Must not be such with any form of conviction for the possession or sale of illegal drugs or for an offense that occurred while receiving federal student aid (such as grants, work-study, or loans).

For more detailed information on FAFSA grants and scholarships visit the official website.

Who can apply?

It is open for international students, United States citizens and eligible non-U S citizens. It is important to know that the procedures for international student’s application is different. This is Comparing same to  U.S citizen and eligible non U.S citizen’s procedures.

Procedures for International Students FAFSA Grants and Scholarships

This opportunity is now equally open  to international students. However, such must meet certain criteria that is the criteria of eligible non-citizens to apply. To apply as an international student kindly follow this procedures.

Download Print out the FAFSA form online

Fill the form and mail the physical copy to the FSA.

Once received and processed, make application to financial aid of your school requesting your FAFSA details be released to your school.


Apply for FAFSA grants and scholarships and the financial burden will be less. Application is open for everybody. Apply now avoid delay as it on first come first serve bases.


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