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University of west Canada scholarships



University of west Canada scholarships

What does University of west Canada scholarships entails?

In answering the above question it is necessary to explain the need for the various scholarship offers. The available offers at the college and the available options for various categories of students. Thus, some may apply to institution as international students while others apply as domestic students.

So, there are many scholarship grants and financial aids provisions for different categories of students. Just identify the one you are eligible for and send in your application for proper consideration.

Number of Grants enjoyable under University of West Canada

This will depend on the applicant whether as freshman student or continuing student. Generally, all freshmen students are eligible to enjoy one scholarship from UCW during their first year of study. Also, continuing students will enjoy one scholarship too.

Can transfer students enjoy University of West Canada Scholarships?

The aims and objectives of the scholarship in the institution are to accommodate all eligible students. Thus, under this consideration all transfer students who has all requisite requirements are entitled to enjoy certain scholarships in the institution. However, the application of the fund is for the student’s fee according to the number of credit unit of the students.

University of West Canada Scholarships fund Application

This is a fully fund scholarship considering the application of the scholarship fund. The application of the various scholarships fund at University of West Canada is on the students’ tuition. The value of the scholarships varies according to student on the following criteria:

  • Course of study by the student
  • Number of unity of courses offered by the student
  • Whether transfer, freshmen or continuing students

Category of University of West Canada Scholarships

Generally, at University of West Canada the available scholarships are of two categories. Under these categories the eligible criteria differs. The categories are as below:

  • International students  Scholarships
  • Domestic students  Scholarships

International students  Scholarships

The first category is for students who are not from Canada but wishes to study at University of West Canada. The funding, as already known is to set off students’ tuition fee accordingly without more. Thus, individuals from all over the world can apply for the grant. Also, its application is automatic upon submitting the necessary forms for admission into the institution. The institution will consider the necessary applicants and students for the award according to the necessary requirements of the grant.

To apply for the international scholarships kindly visit click here to visit the official website for your application

 Domestic students Scholarships

This particular category will apply to individuals who are domestic resident of the Canada at University of West Canada. Thus, students under this category can always apply for various offers available for them from time to time. To check it out kindly visit the University of West Canada Scholarship official portal and send in your application without delay.

What are the various requisite application requirements?

The various categories are under certain requirements for various applicants to meet up with. As a party with interest in studying at University of West Canada under any of its scholarships kindly keep an eye on the time and period of its application. it varies according to its category and subclass of scholarship application.







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Girls up scholarship fund



up scholarship fund
Girls up scholarship fund

Girls up scholarship fund are a program with the aim of providing female genders reasonable school funding. It funding is on the basis of partnership and donors with interest in girl’s child education. It is an international scholarship grant. Equally, it is open to students around the world willing and eligible to take up the offer upon submitting the necessary application to the appropriate authority.

What is the target of Girls up Scholarship?

Generally, the primary target of Girls up scholarship is to bring up and undertake tuition fees for young girls. Most young girls are currently out of school due to lack of sponsorship and finance. This is not peculiar to any part of the world but rather a general phenomenal. However, this is commonly seen among the Africans as the number of girl child school dropout is on the high side and issue of major concern.

Period of Girls Up scholarship application

If you are seeking to apply for the grant to complete your higher education, you need to show interest by constantly checking application portal. Applications normally open during the spring session for interested individuals to send in their application. Thus, apply during the spring academic session as applicable in the academic calendar.

Girls up Scholarship eligibility check

This section tends to answers the question who can apply and enjoy the grant?

  •  Firstly, eligibility is open to female students all over the world as there is no special consideration for any ethnic group or nation.
  • Secondly, it is important to apply as a member of Girls up from any part of the world, as this is a major requirement. Therefore, any applicant must register as member of girls up scholarship to access the scholarship.
  • Also, should be a current student in any of the following: 2 years course, 4 years course or technical college student.
  • Equally, student in graduating class in high school are also eligible to apply. This is dependent on your country’s educational system and procedure for gaining admission into the higher institution.

Other Girls Up scholarship areas

The grant is not limited only to former education as informal learning is also incorporated. Some other applicable areas include:

  • Sports and Medicine field
  • Athletic training institute
  • People associated with sports administration and management
  • Individuals into Kinesiology
  • Also, people into pre-physical therapy and
  • People using sport to make positive changes in the community

Payment and Application of Girls up Scholarship Fund

Successful applicants receive direct payment to their various institutions of learning in different countries of the world. Every payment is applicable for setting off the tuition fee of the student.

Host institutions

Generally, there is no particular host institution of Girls up scholarship. That is to say, Individuals from different parts of the world studying in various higher institution of learning is eligible to apply. Thus, every recognized institution of learning in the world is one of the host institutions for girls up scholarship.


To check other details, kindly visit the organization website to register as a member and apply for the grant.



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MIT scholarships and financial aids



MIT scholarships and financial aids
MIT scholarships and financial aids

The major target of this article is to provide you with insight of MIT scholarships and financial aids opportunities. As one of the most generous United States of America institution on financial aids, it is correct to say there is no discrimination as to international students. This is in respect of its method of financial grant to students.

However, there are many financial opportunity for students that can take care of the necessary expenses while at school. Also, the grant is open to every individual in need of it without restrictions of any kind as regards academic performance.

MIT financial aids and Scholarships are most according to the financial needs of the various students. So as such it is not on the academic merit of applicants rather as per your financial need of the moment in school.

MIT Admission Background

Generally, the Admission requirements at MIT have it root in serious course work and academic excellence of an applicant.  Applications for admission into the various courses of study normally kick start from the final year from high school from both domestic student and international students.

Thus, hard work and good score in the various test is an advantage to gaining admission into MIT College USA.

Admission procedure for domestic and foreign Students difference

Nonetheless, the known requirements and procedure for admission in the institution are the same. However, there is little difference in area of English preference test for foreign students. Equally, that is applicable at all levels of applicants and students studies. This means it is applicable in both under graduate and post-graduate studies programmes.


Speaking about MIT scholarships and financial grant, it comes in categories. Also, all grants and scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial needs of the student applicant. Some of the categories are below for your kind consumption.

 Endowment category

Firstly, this is from individuals who willing invest in the institution for the purpose of uplifting the educational system in general. It can come from private individuals or organizations.

 First year Grant

Secondly, this is a grant for every low income freshman students of the institution. It aims at relieving new students of certain expenses in the institution. It covers most expenses to help students feel comfortable in the new environment and help improve their study composure. This is solely applicable to only first year students of the institution and nothing more.

MIT Scholarships and General Financial Aids

This category is general applicable to all undergraduate students of the institution. It also, aims at helping students pay major expenses at the campus including tuition fee where necessary. Note that average grant per session varies but most times on the increase side.

How to Apply for MIT Scholarship and Financial Aids

Some of the category of the scholarships and financial aids are on automatic consideration levels. However, the general fund grant and scholarships requires students to fill a form. The form is referred to as general CSS Profile form. To fill out the form, kindly click here and upload all necessary details for automatic consideration.

Apart from this others are automatic upon applying for admission into the institution.

Does MIT have other Scholarships and financial Aids for Students?

Just like every other prestigious high ranking university, there are other available options. It includes the outside scholarships and financial aids grant. It includes:

Federal grants

this available for both foreign and domestic students with the necessary requisite requirements.

State grants

Various states in the United States make provisions for scholarships and financial aids for its citizens. Individuals with interest in same can always send in application for such grants.

Private grants and scholarships

These are the various once available from either private organizations or individuals with much interest in developing the educational systems. However, MIT Scholarships and Financial aids grant warns individuals to check the requirements of these private grants. This is because same may lead to reduction or termination of MIT internal Scholarships and Financial aids already granted.


The options are open for the students of the institution. If its interest you kindly visit the link here to check out other Private and government Scholarships and financial aids at MIT college.

The numerous offers can take care of many expenses and increase your saving for after school use.




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Harvard Fully Funded Scholarships



Harvard Fully Funded Scholarships
Harvard Fully Funded Scholarships

Harvard Fully Funded Scholarships is among the most daily sort scholarships among students of the institution and intending students.

Background of the Institution

It’s nothing new that Harvard is known as the greatest university in the world. Thus one which is why it’s the most sort after university in the world. When I refer to most sort after, I mean any student in the world secretly has this dream to study at Harvard University. The cost implication of studying at this university, on the other hand are not particularly reasonable. Thus, why Fully Funded Scholarships at Harvard University  USA is highly necessary.

For both local and foreign students, Harvard Education costs are quite pricey. Home and abroad students, however, are due for Harvard University scholarships that will pay the majority of the cost.

I will be giving you every single detail you need to know about the Harvard university scholarship. And this applies to each level separately. So, even if you are an undergraduate, master’s, or even a Ph.D. student, you willl be able to discover a scholarship to enroll for.

About Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA

Before going deep into the article, let me brief you about Harvard University. Yea,  of course, you should know a little about the school you are about to apply for their scholarship


Harvard University was established around the year 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America. It is the country’s one of the oldest higher education institution, and it is connected with riches, influence, status, and excellent academic standards.


This university is a member of the Ivy League, a group of America’s most renowned colleges. Yale, Cornell, Princeton, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, and Brown are the other Ivy League schools.

This university is recognized as the third-best in the world in one of the QS World Rankings. In the past and in the presence, Harvard University is still highly ranking in both the US and global rankings. Also, this still remains till date.

Some Things you Need To Know About the Harvard University fully funded Scholarships

Country of the Hosts: Harvard University in Massachusetts, USA, is hosting the scholarship.

Level/Field of Study: The procedure, perks, criteria, and deadline are usually according to the types and levels of offers for clarification.

Scholarships at Harvard University (Undergraduate)

Harvard University aims to reducing the price incentive that stands before outstanding overseas students and a Harvard degree. Thus, Undergraduate overseas students might get Harvard University scholarships to offset the cost of education as a result of their efforts. In addition, when it comes to earning scholarships, undergraduate students and domestic students are given equal consideration.


Undergraduate Scholarship Advantages at Harvard University

Generally, Candidates with average earnings of less than $65,000 per year will get a fully fund scholarship that covers education, fees, lodging, and board. Thus, They will not need to pay the participation fees.

Students with a household income of $65,000 to $150,000 per year will need to pay between 0% and 10% of their total income each year, based on their family background. Based on your overall family income and financial conditions, this will be $0-$15,000 each year.

Students having a household income of more than $150,000 per year will need to pay a proportionately higher amount than 10%. The actual amount varies depending on the circumstances of each student.


On the Harvard University Scholarships Page, you may learn more about the specifics. You can click on this link to know more

How To Apply For Harvard Scholarships

It takes a lot of effort to apply for Harvard University Scholarships. Of course, it shouldn’t be easy seeing you are applying for one of the best universities in the world if the not the best. In this part, I’ll show you how to submit your Harvard scholarship proposal.

  1. Firstly, Students must first complete the Common Application, which is acceptable into the majority of American universities.


  1. Secondly, Students will complete and deliver the relevant documentation together with the Common Application.

To apply to Harvard University, you must submit a number of documents as it they appears on its website.

Therefore, in Scholarships application it is necessary make necessary preparation. Preparing all of the necessary documentation might take months, so plan beforehand.

Some necessary perk requirements and Documents for Application In Harvard University Scholarship

  1. Supplements and Application forms
  2. Fee waiver or $75 application fee
  3. Writing section of the ACT or Writing section of the SAT
  4. Normally, there are two SAT Subject Tests (maybe waived if you are in financial hardship)
  5. Report from the Secondary School you attended
  6. School report at the halfway point of the year
  7. There are two teacher evaluations

Visit the Harvard Application Process Page for further information on these essential papers. Visit this link of Harvard fully funded scholarship to find more information about the requisite documents you need to submit

Undergraduate Application Deadlines

In the summertime, undergraduate students can begin sending their applications. The enrollment date is November 1, and the standard closing date is set for January 1.


Scholarships at Harvard University (Masters)

Master’s students at Harvard University can apply for support through a variety of Harvard scholarships and job opportunities available to both domestic and foreign students. But, if it is to compare to undergraduate and Ph.D. students, the financial assistance is low.

As a foreign student, you may be eligible for several grants and job opportunities.

How to Make an Application

Aspiring overseas students should visit the Harvard University Scholarships Page’s “Other Sources for Funding” section to learn more about the application process for these other types of scholarships. visit here to apply


Scholarships at Harvard University  (Ph.D.)

Every student enrolled in a Ph.D. program has chances of award of a fully funded scholarship. Payment grants, stipends, instructional fellowships, research assistant-ships, and other positions fund tuition, fees, daily expenses, and medical coverage for these outstanding Harvard University scholarships

Because of outside scholarships offers by other organizations, students may get more than the following sum. As a Ph.D student. However, this is an ideal value of Harvard University scholarships you will earn.

How to Make an Application

Scholarships are available to all Ph.D. candidates with the requisite acceptance requirement. As a result, except for applying for admissions, there is no distinct application process for Ph.D. candidates. Aspiring Students may learn much more about the admissions process in the preceding section, “How to Apply for Harvard University Admissions (Master’s, Ph.D.).”

Benefits of Scholarships for Master’s and Ph.D. Students:

The following benefits are part of the package in a Harvard University typical package:


  1. For a period of five years, you will get a full-tuition scholarship.
  2. During the first and second years, a living allowance is Available.
  3. During the third and fourth years, a combination of stipends, teaching scholarships, and research assistant-ships are available.
  4. Year 5 stipend or research assistance
  5. A scholarship of $2,500 for professional development


Master’s and Ph.D. application deadlines

Both the Master’s and Ph.D. programs will begin accepting applications in September. Admission dates for various fields of study, however, varies accordingly. December 1, December 15, and January 2 are the most popular application deadlines. Specific deadlines for your field of study can be found by contacting the department of your field.



I hope this article helps you in one way or the other. As such, Much effort and a lot of research was done to come up with this article that covers all you need to know. So, about Harvard fully funded scholarships so you appreciate it by sharing and dropping a comment. If you need additional information, you can visit the Harvard University website to learn more. Cheers!

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