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Application for Lester B Pearson Scholarship



Lester B Pearson Scholarship

Application open for Lester B Pearson Scholarship Program at University of Toronto – Canada, 2022 and the process is simple read this to the end to have guidance you need.

Interested candidates are now free to apply for Lester B Pearson scholarship for international at University of Toronto


Generally, Lester B Pearson Scholarship and it applicable campus is a World ranking and The University of Toronto one of the Canada’s largest university. It is known for her great global leadership in research and teaching. Well distinguished faculty of learning, known for its institutional record of groundbreaking scholarships.  And also, Great wealth of innovative academic opportunities will continue to attract outstanding students of different races and academics from around the world.


Thus, Lester B. Pearson Scholarship Program for international students at the University of Toronto is focused to recognize students from around the world who demonstrate amazing academic achievement and creativity.  Equally, students who their schools must have known as a leader.


Why should you study at University of Toronto?

Firstly, Being an outstanding institution founded around 1827, the school was previously supposed to be Known as King’s College.


University of Toronto is well known for great engagement in research activities. It is without doubt the biggest research based university in Canada.


Undergraduate fees is around 6,590CAD and 45,690CAD for international students.


Application deadline for Lester B Pearson Scholarship:


Applicants must submit before 30 November 2022


Application deadline for interested candidates who are yet to be admitted is 14th December 2022

Deadline for students is January 16, 2022


Eligible Countries:



Scholarship type:




  • For you To be eligible to apply to the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship, you Should be:
  • Firstly, a Non domestic student (i.e. you must not be a Canadian requiring a study permit);
  • Secondly, Applicant must currently in their final year of secondary school or have graduated no earlier than 31st of June 2022
  • Also, Applicant already beginning their studies at the University of Toronto in September 2023 intake (if you are already attending post-secondary studies, you cannot be considered. Students getting ready to start their studies in January 2023 at another institution will not be considered for this award)


Value of award:

Lester B. Pearson international Scholarship is going to cover all tuition for selected candidates. The award will also cover For books, Residence and accident.


Number of Awards:

Not specified


Eligible field of study for Lester B Pearson Scholarship:

Every choice of study is welcomed


How to apply:

You should first visit your secondary school, and ask them to Nominate you for this offer.

Also, go on and Apply to study at the University of Toronto for 2023 intake, and submit all your application information for Consideration for admission before the stated deadlines.  Note: You will be considered for the Lester B Pearson Scholarship for your first choice of program at University of Toronto. You are free to apply for several programs as you like and may get admitted to study them all; but, the Lester B. Pearson Scholarship, would be restricted to Only your first choice of program at University of Toronto the time scholarship decisions will be made.

Once you get Nomination from your secondary school and forward them appropriately, You are then free to apply to the university, you can Begin the online Lester B. Pearson Scholarship application Here.


Frequently asked questions:


What is university of Toronto tuition fees for international students?


International students are to pay higher than Canadian students. 45,690CAD for undergraduate programs but may differ.


Is University of Toronto good for international students?


Being the biggest research institution in Canada, the school is welcoming to all types of students who are ready to fulfill the requirements to study in university of Toronto.


Is Lester B. Pearson scholarship for everyone?


The offer is specific as an international scholarship, so everyone can apply. However, applicants will be ready to meet all the requirements.


Trending scholarships

International Scholarships at John Brown University



John Brown University

Application for International Scholarships at John Brown University USA 2022 and Financial Aid , is currently on going.


As such, John Brown University is accepting applications for financial aid and scholarships


Generally, The John Brown University in the USA is going to award a good scholarship to outstanding students who are ready to undertake a degree program at the institution.


And Why should you study at John Brown University?

Except for the amazing environment, John Brown University has been ranked as a big top university in the whole of ArKansas. The school is not a church but it aims to provide Christ-centered education that prepares people to honor God and serve others by developing their academic, spiritual, and professional lives.

Notwithstanding, John Brown University was recorded as being founded In 1919. Which means the Christian Interdenominational school has been existing for a long time. The school is ranking third on best Nursing school in Arkansas by latest metrics From


The University is also known to promoting sports and women participation in sports Which made them to rank #1 in women soccer as reported by SAC


Application Deadline:

The application process is ongoing as for now. However, students should check the application deadlines for their chosen study programmes. Orientation will begin on 14th August 2022.


Scholarship Type:



Value of Award:

Tuition fee


Number of Awards:

Not Mentioned



  • Applicants who desire to be considered must have a minimum of CLT 68+ ACT 20+, SAT 1020+,
  • Applicants are also required by the institution to submit an ACT/SAT/CLT/IELTS/TOEFL performance at the time of admission if a transcript of a six-semester transcript from a high school that is accredited in the U.S is not available.
  • Applicants must provide scores of the following English language proficiency tests as follows:

IELTS – 6.5


  • It is important to note that the mentioned scores above are not the base. Applicants who score more than the number stated above may be considered over others; if all things being equal.


How to Apply:

Interested applicants are to begin the process online by first, apply for admission into the university using the university portal.


Before applying, aspirants should check their possibility of traveling to the US by making sure they are free from criminal records. Must be ready to return to their respective country after the end of their program in the USA. Must possess an international passport with at least Six months validity before applying for the above offer.


Frequently asked questions


Is John Brown University a good school for all international students?


Even though the school is a Christian interdenominational school, all kinds of students are welcomed with their faith. John brown university has in existence for more than 100years with no record of racial discrimination or faith related issues.


What is John Brown University’s Latest school fees?


The tuition is $28,288 depending on your program plus if you have a scholarship offer.


What is John Brown University known for now?


Soccer is a noticeable sports activity going on in the campus. The school is currently having a good reputation in women soccer.

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Enterprise International Scholarships at Jiangsu University



Scholarships at Jiangsu University

How to apply for Enterprise International Scholarships at Jiangsu University – China, 2022


Are you currently a scholar? do you dream of studying under Scholarship at Jiangsu University in China? Your time is now to fulfill that dream without delay


Jiangsu University will be providing an awesome scholarship award. Seriously,  the amount that will amount up to 30,000CNY to talented and Outstanding students who want to study a degree program at the institution.


As required by the school, interested candidates should read and follow the guidelines on this post for better understanding of Basic requirements to be considered for this scholarship award. It’s also important to note that this scholarship will only go to the best students who prove they are capable in their area of study.


The main aim of this scholarship opportunity is to stimulate the enthusiasm of overseas capable students to study in Jiangsu University of China.


This award will help students having financial problems. Alternatively, those actively contributing to the “Belt and Road” development Project.


And why should you study at Jiangsu university?

Jiangsu university has a high rate of accepting international students from around the world. So your education will be an avenue to explore culture. This is coupled with their #940 world ranking position Showing how they are excellent in what they do.


Application Deadline for Scholarships at Jiangsu University:

Open. (Application for Enterprise international scholarship is still open for the moment and ending will be announced)


Eligible Countries Scholarships at Jiangsu University:

The following Countries are Eligible for this offer: Pakistan, Algeria, Egypt, Benin, Togo, Ghana, the Middle East, Nigeria, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and many other countries Eligible on the scholarship website.


Value of Award for Scholarships at Jiangsu University:

5,000 CNY to 30,000CNY


Number of Awards:

Not Yet Mentioned


Eligibility Scholarships at Jiangsu University:

  • Firstly, all applicants are expected to be In perfect health condition. As such, must be in accordance with the stipulated Health Standard for International Students placed by the Ministry of Education, China.
  • Secondly, all applicants must be of Good moral character and discipline And respect towards the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the university.
  • Thirdly, all Applicants must show proof they have good English or Chinese language proficiency. The English language proficiency test system can be used for English with high scores.
  • Equally, applicants must have certificates from the highest education attained And should have an outstanding performance.

How to Apply:

Generally, the scholarship has a special process. Thus, Applicants are required to enroll in the undergraduate degree programme at the university before applying for this offer. As such, all applicants that are going to be considered have to meet the requirements above.


Having good scores on your previous academic level is a good indication that you know what you are doing, and it will be put into consideration while sorting for those to be granted this offer.


Frequently asked questions


Is Jiangsu University good for all international students?


International students with the goal of getting quality education in the most popular university in China in terms of scholarships should consider Jiangsu University. Equally, they have a special approach to research and produce students with vast knowledge of technology and science.


And does Jiangsu University teach in the English language?


There are English language instructed programs at the institution.


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Canterbury Christ Church University Scholarships



Application now open for Canterbury Christ Church University

Application now open for Scholarships at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK – 2022. As an interested student this is your chance to take this great opportunity without delay. Thus, go through this post to know more about it and how to apply


Canterbury Christ church 2022 scholarship for international students.


As a church that believes in a sustainable future, Canterbury Christ church is awarding scholarships to individuals who are deemed fit to run along with their aim of developing a more conducive environment for youths and communities to thrive on.


Generally, Canterbury Christ Church 2022 scholarship will see students of different backgrounds get up-to 1,500 tuition waiver. Thus, this is till they graduate from the school. So in essence, 1,500 will be reduced from the fee you are meant to pay.


Why this will help students fund their studies more easily, the church owned school will use the medium as a way of reaching out to people in need.


Why should you study at Canterbury Christ Church University ?

Generally speaking, even without being attached to a faith built school, internationally recognized school, or developmental oriented institution. Obviously, it is clear to denote some important role this prestigious higher institution has played in making education affordable to all people after all races.


As such, the school has a wonderful world reputation as they are ranked At #1001 in the world university ranking.

The school was granted university status in 2006, and it has been in existing since 1962 as Church of England college for teacher Training


Application deadline :



Eligible countries:



Scholarship type:

Undergraduate or postgraduate



Firstly, applicants must provide documentation to prove that they Are paying school fees at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Secondly, applicants must Provide up-to-date English language proficiency tests on IELTS 5.5 to 7.0 on both tests.

Thirdly, applicant Must be paying Not less than £14,500 at the institution as school fees.


Value of award:



Number of Awards:

Not specified


Eligible field of study :

Any Course that allows students to engage in research is welcomed to apply for this year’s Canterbury Christ Church 2022 scholarship offer.


How to apply :

Generally, applicants must make use of the Canterbury Christ Church University Online application portal with UCAS.

The process involves proper filling of details in provided areas.


School portal:


Canterbury Christ Church University portal


Frequently asked questions

Is Canterbury Christ Church University religious?


There is room for every religion at Canterbury Christ Church University. As such the Christian believers have a well built chapel for prayers and church service. The Buddhist have another building for their use. Muslims are provided with rooms for prayers and meetings. There are also silent rooms.


What is this institution known for?


Having their engineering course ranked 9th in the world, it’s fitting to say CCCU is good in technology and science courses but other areas are not left behind.


Where is Canterbury Christ Church University located


The school is located in Canterbury England

Address: Ñ Holmes Road, Canterbury CT1 1QU in United Kingdom


what the current institution school fees


Fees are based on the kind of program you are taking on at the school, however £9,000 is the average school fees. Some other fees may apply depending on level and course of study.


Note: International students are supposed to pay higher fees.this is what we also observed in other universities.

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