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Apply for 2022 Lloyd Carr-Harris Scholarship for All international Students



Lloyd Carr-Harris Scholarship

Are you aware that the application is currently on going for Apply for 2022 Lloyd Carr-Harris Scholarship?

Interested Candidates are to send in applications for Lloyd Carr-Harris New Entrance Scholarship at Simon Fraser College – Canada, 2022,  for international students is Open


what is the value to be added by college and scholarship?

Simon Fraser University will be adding more students to the already awarded list of many Scholars by providing an award amount of $20,000 to be paid in eight Phases. (Meaning that 8 payments will be made in $2,500 fold) to the winning candidate.


Generally speaking, In their pursuit for a better business environment, the institution and scholarship sponsors will use this opportunity to add more students to the beedie school of business which pilots business development studies.


The Renowned Lloyd Carr-Harris Entrance Scholarship will be offered to only high school students Who are ready to study at the University’s beedie business school.  Equally, must have the highest academic standing to stand consideration for a direct admission to the Beedie School of Business.


Why should you even study at Simon Fraser University, Canada?

Firstly, The school was founded way back 1965 and has been admitting and graduating scholars from all climes and academic fields till this day.

Also, Fraser University has a nice global position by ranking #298 in the world university rankings Presented by QS Global.

Equally, there is great input in research, Fraser University is well known for being a research institute that supports in building a better Economic environment.


Another fact about the university is that they operate a Trimester system. One academic session is divided into three equal semesters. A system that makes students deeply immersed into their studies.


Application Deadline for 2022 Lloyd Carr-Harris Scholarship

Application portal for international students will be open in October 1, 2022. Also it will close on December 15, 2022


Eligible Countries for 2022 Lloyd Carr-Harris Scholarship:



Scholarship Type:

Generally, it is for Undergraduate degree


Value of Awards for Lloyd Carr-Harris Scholarship:

$20,000 for each student who is Academically worthy to receive this offer


Number of Awards: 1


Eligibility for Lloyd Carr-Harris Scholarship:


  • Firstly, Applicants must present high school certificates with an outstanding academic performance.
  • Secondly, applicants will submit verifiable high school documents
  • Also, Applicants Should be proficient in written and spoken English language.
  • Equally, Applicants have to provide all the admission requirements of Simon Fraser University for consideration.
  • finally, Applicants should take note of English language proficiency tests requirements which include —




PTE 65

How to Apply :

Applicants from international countries have to agree to take admission to the undergraduate degree program at the institution. After being admitted to your choice of program, applicants will be fairly considered to receive this funding from Simon Fraser University. Apply here For the right offer


Frequently asked questions


Is Fraser University very good for international students?


International students from India, Middle East, and Africa have been getting admitted into the university in their number. The school offers good support for international students from around the world which can be seen through numerous scholarship offers.


What GP do international students need to get into Simon Fraser University?


Generally, the minimum GP is 2.5 though there is a consideration for students with 2.2


What is the university of Simon Fraser known for?


Wow, this institution is well known for its numerous research works. Thus, Ranking top in Canada and receiving over $160,000,000 in research funding


What is the latest Simon Fraser University school fees for international students?


International students pay more than domestic students. Ranging from $15,887 to $32,000 depending on program. apply via the link here on the official portal.


Popular Scholarships

Dean of Sciences and Engineering Merit Scholarships at University of Tasmania



Scholarships at University of Tasmania

Apply for Dean of Sciences and Engineering Merit Scholarships at University of Tasmania, Australia, 2022


Applicants with Interest in studying at university of Tasmania can go ahead to submit applications for dean of sciences and engineering scholarships


Australia’s University of Tasmania is ready to offer 50% off intended registered tuition fees (which will include Student Services and personal Amenities Fees). As such this will be applicable to successful international students who want to study at the Institution and have applied for this offer.

Apart from academic superiority, Tasmania has one of the best Culture and Pristine nature glamouring cities.


And Why should you study at the University of Tasmania?

Generally, University of Tasmania has been well known for research works and quality education. Importantly, it has a long history of excellence and high-quality teaching standards across all courses and levels of study – which include but are not limited to university. It is also applicable to secondary School education, vocational plus skill training, and English language programs for all backgrounds. University of Tasmania is an institution known globally for their high dedication to the stewardship of learning and knowledge acquisition, academic freedom, excellence, integrity and quality delivery.


Application Deadline:

10th October 2022.


Eligible Countries:



Scholarship Type:

You can apply for this offer if your program is in this category:

Firstly, Undergraduate,

Secondly, honors or Postgraduate coursework


Value of Award:

50% of registered tuition fees

The tuition fee you should have paid will be slashed down to only 50% because of this scholarship.

Number of Awards:

4 (four)



  • Generally, it is expected that all Applicants must be high achieving offshore and onshore International students. Also, who have gotten an offer of a place in Sciences and Engineering courses in the University; when starting their first year in 2022.
  • Equally, all Applicants should have met the minimum academic requirements as proposed by an assessment made by the University of Tasmania officials based on country-own grading scales.
  • Also, Applicants must be classified as an International Student as defined under the applicable rules of the University of Tasmania which is clearly stated on the school website.
  • All Applicants must provide evidence of their English language Requirements as regards to the University of Tasmania.


How to Apply:

International Applicants who have interest in the offer are assessed automatically upon submission of their personal International Student Application. As such, this will make the process simpler and there is no need to apply separately again.


Frequently asked questions


What is the University of Tasmania world ranking?


Tasmania sit at #1 of the best climate universities in the world ranking.

Also, QS world ranking shows that university of Tasmania ranked #291 in the world with steady improvements.


Is the University of Tasmania good for all international students?


The University of Tasmania has a good world record of Pure commitment to learning, teaching and career building. Thus, every international student that attends the school will come out best among equals.


Is the University of Tasmania very cold now?


The school is well positioned in the Earth polar zone, so people around the area will experience cold but not intense.


And what is University of Tasmania undergraduate Tuition Fees?


Tuition fees are normal at 25,000 AUD but applying for a scholarship and getting selected will make you pay less.

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Popular Scholarships

2022 Elizabeth Buckland Memorial Scholarships



Elizabeth Buckland Memorial Scholarships

2022 Elizabeth Buckland Memorial Scholarships at Canadian Mennonite University – Canada is open.


Generally, the University of Strathclyde In conjunction with Canadian Mennonite University will provide $1,000 to the winning candidates in Canada for this scholarship award.


Elizabeth Buckland Memorial Scholarships will only go to successful international student. As such must be enrolled full time in the MA-PCD program. After fulfilling the first Requirements which include submitting an essay of 500 (five hundred) words, where you are expected to outline proven leadership qualities, and projections, plans upon graduation from the program at Canadian Mennonite University.

The scholarship will go to those individual applicants who are able to provide clear information about their academic pursuit and how they can impact the community with acquired knowledge. Thus, community service engagement activities are very necessary.


Why should you study at Canadian Mennonite University under Elizabeth Buckland Memorial Scholarships?


Mennonite University is a world-class private university known for research, technology and science. The school is well located at the centre of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada.

There are a number of other private universities in Canada but this particular one stands out with quality education and good quality of living.

Founded in 1999 and has been admitting students from around the world since then. Also, there are many scholarship offers including Elizabeth Buckland Memorial Scholarships. It is open to all the students be it in state or international students.


Application Deadline:

Canadian Citizens: 11:59pm August 31.

International Students: 11:59pm September 30, 2022


Eligible Countries:

Generally for International students


Scholarship type:

MA-PCD program ( Masters in Peace building and Collaborative Development)


Value of Award:



Number of Awards:

Not Specified


Eligibility for Elizabeth Buckland Memorial Scholarships:

Generally, these are some of the major and important requirement:

Firstly, applicants must be from Nigeria, India or other international countries; student should be enrolled full-time in the MA-PCD program.

Also, applicants must show proficiency in English Language.

Importantly, applicants must show proficiency in English by scoring high in one of the following tests:

What are the possible accepted English test results for Elizabeth Buckland Memorial Scholarships?


Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): Minimum scores are minimum of 550 for the paper-based TOEFL, 213 for the Soft computer-based TOEFL, and minimum 80 for the Internet-based TOEFL.


Another one is Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees (CanTest): Minimum scores are 4.5 in reading test and listening and 4.0 in speaking and writing test.


Also, international English Language Testing System known as (IELTS): Minimum score of 6.5 based on the Academic Training track. (scoring higher is better)


Equally, applicants are free to take the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) to show their English language proficiency. PTE Academic is the only computer-based academic English language proficiency test designed to measure reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills used in an academic setting And admission documentation. Canadian Mennonite University Officially requires a minimum score of 59 on PTE Academic.


How to Apply for  Elizabeth Buckland Memorial Scholarships:

All Applicants are required to apply for the MA-PCD program at the Canadian Mennonite University.


Frequently asked questions


What is the full meaning of MA-PCD?


The abbreviation simply means masters in peace building and collaborative development


Is Canadian Mennonite University well accredited?


The school has complete accreditation from government to offer courses in all arts like music, Therapy, theology and music therapy plus other courses.


Is Canadian Mennonite University good for all international students?


With the schools known reputation in welcoming people from different backgrounds and countries, all students are save and feel comfortable studying at the University.

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Popular Scholarships

Apply for International Scholarships at McMurry University



Apply for International student Scholarships at McMurry University — USA, 2022 and enjoy the benefits.


Applicants With interest to study In the USA can now apply for international scholarships at McMurry University.

McMurry University Has announced that they will be providing the Scholarship award Amount of up to $17,000 for all Successful applicants in the USA. Thus, this scholarship is purely by merit. So applicants are advised to read carefully this article to understand how to apply for this scholarship successfully and stand a chance of getting picked for this offer.


And Why Should you study at McMurry University?

McMurry University is a Notable vibrant and comprehensive higher-education institution In the United States of America. As such with Commendable academics records and study environment. Surely, at McMurry University, you Will surely find a welcoming, friendly, Nice, and supportive campus community That will give you the vibe needed to excel in your studies. Also, you will personally experience interactive learning while growing personally, spiritually and gaining independence From family.


Notwithstanding, McMurry University is a private Methodist university with it location in Abilene. As such, the oldest top private university in the US. Also, it has graduated many students since it was founded in 1923 and was named after popular William Fletcher McMurry


Application Deadline:

Generally, application is purely based on First-come, first-served basis. Also, always after You have confirmed your admission At the institute.


Eligible Countries for Scholarships at McMurry University :



Scholarship Type:



Value of Award:

Scholarship offer will be Up to $17,000


Eligibility Scholarships at McMurry University:

  • Generally, applicants are required to hold a previous degree certificate with Outstanding results, can be from any recognized school from your country.
  • Also, In the case your native language is not English Language, You will be required to submit proof of the following test results on speaking and writing:
  • Firstly, Duolingo English Test score of at least 105 or more.
  • Secondly, TOEFL score of at least 213 For computer-based test and 550 For paper-based test. Equally, you are also allowed to use 79 Internet-based. (just choose the one most suitable for you and make sure you pass very well)
  • Importantly, applicants can also Submit IELTS score of at least 6.5;
  • Another proof can be 24 transferable hours from a regionally recognized U.S. institution, plus English 1310 and English 1320 submitted for verification.


How to Apply:

Generally, before every application there must be a pre-requisite.

All Applicants are required to enroll in the Honors degree programme at the university of McMurry.


Frequently asked questions


Is the University of McMurry For all religions?


Though the school is a private University but with much affiliation to United Methodist Church. Notwithstanding,  the school is open to all candidates around the world who are eager to study in a good university.


Is university of McMurry Cheap for international students?


$29,972 is the current 2022 tuition fee for international students who will be paying school fees. The fee is at the range of other schools of its kind in the US.


Are there available scholarships at University of McMurry?


As already pointed out on this post, the scholarship available is worth $17,000 and it’s for international students. You can go ahead and apply for the scholarship offer.


Is University of McMurry Ranking Good?


Ranking #18 nationally shows great value the school has bestowed on students. Ranking #8 in small Colleges for science and technology shows the move towards the changing and ever evolving technology based world.

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